Godzilla Crypto Q&A v1.0

1. Question: What is the total circulation of GODZ tokens? What are the taxes?

Answer: The total circulation of GODZ is 10,000 trillion,

3% tax consist of 1% burning, 1% marketing wallet, 1% dividend, contract ownership renounced, LP locked, marketing wallet renounced;

2. Question: What is the deflation mechanism of GODZ?

Answer: In addition to high-speed deflation (3% tax, 1% holder dividend, 1% burning, 1% marketing wallet locked on the contract address), GODZ will also serve as a Fides Thunder payment token (5 USDT per month) and ZillaPad ecology Governance token;

3. Question: What is the ecological layout of Godzilla Crypto?

Answer: Godzilla Crypto is positioned in the traffic aggregation ecology of web3, with Fides accelerator as the network layer traffic entrance; ZillaPad AirDrop as the application layer traffic entrance, empowering web3 start-up projects;

4. Question: What is Fides Thunder?

Answer: Fides Thunder is the WEB3 infrastructure of the Godzilla Crypto ecosystem, base on the Depin stand, and will be released on the Solana chain soon. Supports cryptocurrency payment fees to protect users’ online digital asset security and transmission security. Fides Thunder is currently open for alpha testing and will open the node source code in March 2024;

5. Question: What is the ZillaPad AirDrop platform?

Answer: The ZillaPad AirDrop airdrop platform is a social task sharing platform based on WEB3, which is decentralized, censorship-resistant and self-sovereign. The project can build an independent task sharing space through the ZillaPad AirDrop airdrop platform, and by publishing task incentives in the space, it can obtain early community users required for project launch; and users can generate their own unique digital identity on the blockchain through WEB3 Passport. Participate in project sharing tasks to earn more value tokens and NFTs;

6.Question: What is ZillaPad Staker?

Answer:ZillaPad Staker will allow the Godz holders to pledge the Godz to earn more tokens inlcude Godz or other partner's token. The staker will share the rewards from DAO treasury contract.

7. Question: Does GODZ have any cross-chain plans?

Answer: ZillaPad supports multi-chain ecology since the beginning of deployment, and will later support other chains such as BSC/ETH/ARB/SOL;

8. Question: What is GODZ’s market plan?

Answer: There are currently 8 zeros in GODZ, by the time we get to 6 zeros are hoping to be listed on the exchange. It is expected to reach the mainstream MEME market price in 2024;

9. Question: When will GODZ be listed on exchange?

Answer: GODZ is expected to be launched on multiple exchanges after Jan 2024, and the first exchange will be open for trading early of Feb 2024;

10. Are there any airdrop benefits for Godzilla Crypto’s cooperation projects in the near future?

Answer: On late of Feb 2024, Godzilla Crypto will launch the first inscription aidrdrop event. The user can join the Godzilla Crypto community to follow the latest information.

Godzilla regains his glory and reaches the top again!

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