Godzilla Crypto DAO v1.0

Web3.0 proposes an alternative to decentralization that can be applied to any part of the network ecosystem. Blockchain, as a new type of infrastructure, has three basic attributes of infrastructure, such as basic, public, and strong externalities. Its essence is to store and verify data through distributed technology and consensus mechanism. In terms of application, blockchain can combine 5G and Internet of Things technology to do data collection, data transmission and data logical rule verification of terminal devices, and can also be integrated into wearable devices, including the use of VR glasses to enter the universe world. Moreover, the core value of blockchain technology lies in its credibility and intelligence. The characteristics of blockchain technology enable it to provide technical support for the implementation of Web3.0 decentralized solutions.

Godzilla Crypto DAO Foreate the need for Web3 infrastructure to create excellent, convenient and friendly decentralized storage infrastructure for data, as well as data-oriented smart contract collaboratiTThis vision requires every builder to explore in the Web3 world. Only with the joint efforts of everyone, the industry will become more sustainable and stable, and will also bring more opportunities and development space.

What is Godzilla Crypto DAO

Godzilla Crypto DAO As a distributed autonomous organization,will gathered the Web3 developers, researchers and operators, in the form of DAO content output and product practice, explore the Social DAO governance paradigm, provide governance tools solutions and build the depth of technology, financial and marketing network, jointly promote Web3 large-scale application and ecological prosperity. Godzilla Crypto DAO Members in the community can actively communicate project, connect other community and project products, have initiated and participate in high quality projects, and through the practice of the ZillaPad platform to establish their own digital identity and digital credit, future investment and incubation project benefits, establish governance tokens ($ GODZ) and ZillaPad incubation platform combining the contribution of the incentive system. Godzilla Crypto DAO Will build an influential and productive parallel DAO organization from community, technology, product incubation and ecological acceleration, realizing the vision of becoming the Web3 talent and project delivery infrastructure.

  • Community sharing:

Explore quality projects through in-depth content research;

  • Technology development:

Deep cultivation of technology, gather developers for project construction and product development;

  • Incubation platform:

Provide product and token ecosystem design, influence construction, community resources and other support for more projects;

  • Ecological acceleration:

Ecological business combines decentralization and efficiency to drive community activity and growth, connecting with more projects and communities.

Benefits of Godzilla Crypto DAO

Godzilla Crypto DAO The Treasury will manage the revenue of WEB 3 smart contract business on the ZillaPad platform and the fundraising of GODZ / USDT / ETH on the community, and manage the following ecological benefits including but not limited to the following through DAO proposals and voting.

DAO treatury

The ENS of DAO treatury is:treatury.zillapd on ETH/BSC (if a new address is added, it will be publicized by DAO), Treasury revenue will be used to including LP dividends, marketing, GODZ liquidity on DEX/CEX, technology development , etc. In the ZillaPad V1.0 version in December 2023, the pledge GODZ to mint DAO LP function will be released. The community can pledge the GODZ to be the LP and participate in the ecological operation and management of Godzilla Crypto.


Income description


DAO LP bonus



Fides Thunder

GODZ/USDT recharge





WEB3 ID Casting






Airdrop mission

Project tokens




Project pre-sale





Market & Community pool

The ENS of DAO market & Community Incentive Fund is: marketing.zillapad. The address which includes ERC 20 / BRC20 digital currencies such as GODZ / UST / ETH, comes from part Marketing revenue of community donations and Godzilla Crypto DAO revenue. This part of the digital currency will be used to include and is not limited to the following marketing and community volunteer incentives:

  • Ecological project advertising

  • Ecological projects and event sponsorship

  • Community volunteers and technology development supporters

  • KOL and publicity data design, release, etc

  • Early-stage investment in ecological projects

GODZ liquidity pool fund

The ENS address of the GODZ liquidity pool fund is: foundation.zillapad. The ENS address of the GODZ liquidity pool fund will be used to include but not limited to DEX / CEX liquidity pool maintanance and the DAO will determine when and how many GODZ will be burned based on the market.

By the time Godzilla Crypto DAO version V1.0 was released, the community had raised 4.5 trillion GODZ / BSC and send to foundation.zillapad. And eth and marketing.zillapad. The eth wallet is used and regulated by the community.

How do DAOs Govern?

Godzilla Crypto DAO Governance will be conducted through LP proposals and votes. In Godzilla Crypto DAO, when ZillaPad V1.0 is released, LP can initiate proposals and organize votes when T. SnapShot. We will update and publish the Godzilla Crypto DAO LP casting rules and the proposal and voting weighting scheme in January 2024, which will be implemented after being approved by the community.

In the plan, the GP of Godzilla Crypto DAO selected by the community will be responsible for the daily operation and maintenance of Godzilla Crypto DAO, inviting the financial audit, the financial monthly report / annual report disclosure and the implementation of the voting cases.

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